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Simple VLAN Configuration On Mikrotik Router and Unifi AP Ubiquiti

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Unifi AP is one of high-end wireless networking product from Ubiquiti Networks, ideal for deployment of high-performance wireless networks. There are 3 models for it, that is UAP, UAP-LR, UAP-PRO. Typically these devices are often installed in hotels, apartments and office building to cover hostpot network in the area. This access point is often applied with mikrotik device that usually used as router and a hotspot server.
In this article, show you how to configure vlan trunk on mikrotik router and vlan access port on unifi ap.
Network Topology 

Simple VLAN Configuration On Mikrotik Router and Unifi AP Ubiquiti

In the example above topology, there are 2 local networks that are configured for management UniFi devices and user devices (computers, laptops, pda, and etc). On Ether 2 is used as gateway unifi devices, and VLAN 10  created on ether 2 that used as gateway user devices and . Master port on ether 3 is set to ether 2 that used as port access VLAN 10. See How to create VLAN Trunk on mikrotik router
Mikrotik router configuration :
1. Login to mikrotik router
2. Creat VLAN for local network

Creat VLAN for local network

3. Setting gatheway ip address for unifi ap devices and LAN hotspot

4. Setting ip-pool for both the local network

5. Configure DHCP server for each local network. Please see How to configure DHCP Server on Mikrotik Router.

Configure Unifi AP and Controller
1. Install unifi controller on the computer/laptop
2. Enable unifi controler, open browser and enter https://ip address pc or on address bar. Then login to unifi controller

Configure Unifi AP and Controller

3. Go to Settings menu => Wireless Networks. Create SSID, enter VLAN ID and choose user group

4. Go to devices menu, click Unifi MAC Address and go to Configuration Tab. On the WLAN option, please click OVERRIDE and apply. Configure RADIOS, ALIAS, NETWORK as desired.

Please watch this video tutorial

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